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Licensed Experts

We coordinate all documents necessary to clear Customs such as power of attorney, commercial invoices, forwarding and preparing of any necessary bills of lading. We are providing reliable and diligent Customs Clearance services for over 20 years.

Dolphin Transit has established a Customs Clearance division ready and able to handle any customs requirement so give us a call today to see how we can help with your custom clearance needs.

Custom clearing, port clearance

As a fully licensed & bonded Customs Broker we take the hassle & stress out of the entire customs process by preparing all necessary documentation to clear or transport a client’s cargo in bond to its destination.

Freight forwarding

Our freight services provide choice, coverage and capacity at a cost-effective price. Choose a comprehensive logistics solution or specific freight forwarding options that align to your business requirements.

Dry cargo transport service

Providing dedicated service and logistics is how we do business. Using our logistical knowledge and experience, we develop customized shipping plans to efficiently move your dry cargo and meet your specific needs. partnerships

Warehousing and delivery service

Dolphin Transit is a leading provider of warehousing services, offers a full range of secure warehouse storage and warehousing distribution services to all ports and airports in China, including packing, 

Licensed Experts

Dolphin Transit has the experience and the knowledge to ensure your shipments always meet requirements without any delays.

Trucking Services

Not only can we assist you with all your documentation needs but we can also help you transport your goods from port to port 

Our target customers

  • Manufacturing firms
  • Merchandising business owners
  • Different huge construction sectors
  • Agricultural sectors
  • Import and export companies